Documentary Harry van Gestel - Gods of Creation

Harry van Gestel - Gods of Creation

Short documentary by Cuculus Collective and Vault17

Harry van Gestel - Gods of Creation is a short documentary about Dutch artist and writer Harry van Gestel. It gives a peak into the mind of the creative master, his life's story, his artworks and his philosophy.

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Short Documentary Dutch artist Harry van Gestel

Vault17 and Cuculus Collective release short documentary Harry van Gestel

Amsterdam, 10 October 2015

Art agency Vault17 and creative agency Cuculus Collective have published the short documentary about established Dutch artist Harry van Gestel, subtitled “Gods of Creation”. The film has been long awaited amongst the collectors and followers base of the 62 year old artist, and can be viewed online as of today.

The short documentary gives the viewer a look inside the world and works of the artist. It tells of the start of his career in flower art, his time in Taiwan and the USA, and his collaborations with auction house Sotheby’s. For the first time, fans and collectors around the world get an all round insight into the life and history of Van Gestel, and the philosophy that drives the person and his art.

The film was made by Cuculus Collective. A creative agency from Amsterdam that are known to capture extraordinary and noteworthy stories and concepts through their films. It was their aim to portrait the unique life of Van Gestel and to give the global art world an introduction to the Dutch artist that everyone should know. Art agency and gallery Vault17, who also represent the artist, produced the film.

The film can be seen on the website of the artist, the website of the Vault17, the Cuculus Collective website as well as video platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo.

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About the artist

Harry van Gestel

Artist, writer, inspirator.

Harry van Gestel was born in Reusel, a small village in the south of the Netherlands in 1953. Van Gestel is best known for his large and colourful abstract expressionistic paintings. Throughout his career Harry has built an extensive body of works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, flower art, performances, poetry, tapestries and books. 

Through his international lifestyle and many international exhibitions he has left a trail of his art that reaches from Nagasaki Japan to Los Angeles USA. Art critics and collectors have described his work as: “A feast for the eye”, and “A mind altering experience”.

The works of Harry van Gestel are featured in galleries, hotels, hospitals, law firms, museums (Nagasaki Museum of Culture), in the collection of private collectors, small businesses, multinationals, and even diplomatic collections.

Since 1998 Harry owns his own gallery and studio in the city centre of Amsterdam; The Harry van Gestel gallery. It was since then that Sotheby’s has auctioned his work for national and international Charities on a regular basis. Art historian and former Business Development Director Sotheby’s Amsterdam, Mr. Max Hemelraad, describes Harry’s body of works as “vast and significant” and “Beyond any -ism”.

Harry does not have a watch, no computer, and no agenda. Harry lives completely in the moment. 

This state of mind, the lessons learned through his international life, the cultures he has integrated in and the battles he has fought all come together in his artworks and his writings where Harry’s identity and soul are represented on the canvas and in the words. 


About The Harry van Gestel gallery

The Harry van Gestel gallery was founded by the artist early 1998. The gallery is located in the city centre of Amsterdam, behind the palace on Dam Square, in a small alley where on lucky days visitors can see the artist working on a new painting, since the artist’s studio is right in the gallery space.

It is a place where collectors, architects and interior designers from around the globe travel to to get their hands on one of the latest giant paintings of the Dutch Master.

The gallery only shows the work of artist Harry van Gestel, and is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 11:00 till 18:00. Private and even mid-night viewings can be booked through the management of the gallery.


About Vault17

Vault17 was founded in 2012 by director Thomas van de Meer. Now they are a team of young and energetic curators. The team manages multiple gallery locations in the city centre of Amsterdam, focusses on exhibition and artist management, collaborations with brands and work on Interior design and art crossover projects as well. They love to present contemporary art that tickles your brain, that is fresh, and that’s just a bit different. They work with both collectors and international brands from all corners of the globe, and offer their clients a personal and discrete online collectors platform to build their collection with. 

“Vault17 offers its collectors fine art by both established artists as well as exclusive works by emerging artists from around the globe. These artworks are offered through the Vault17 Online art gallery, through the physical galleries managed by Vault17, as well as through a selection of vibrant exhibition spaces.

Our aim is to make a truly exciting selection of artworks available to international collectors. Due to the amazing artists we have the privilege to work with the art selection available through Vault17 is continually enriched and growing. We believe that collecting art is a special occasion, and so we exclusively work with our clients in a personal manner.” 


About Cuculus Collective

Three Amsterdam based artists expressing three different forms of art. That's what Cuculus Collective is all about. Robin Leevel, Woutair Koomen and Vincent-Paolo Corputty, together with their producer Itai Verhoeckx, create a place where film, photography and sound join into a professional product. 

Founded in 2013, in Amsterdam-Noord, Cuculus Collective has especially been loving to express emotions by means of images, art and sound. Their main goal? Telling amazing stories that will lead the public to a different time and space, away from reality. 


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