Interior design project, Harry van Gestel art tapestry

For artist Harry van Gestel we have executed an art - interior design cross over project. Using one of the artists paintings we have designed and developed a unique tapestry. The tapestry was hand made in india using the finest wool from New Zealand. The product was featured through retailers in The Netherlands and China and was featured through the Fancy towards an international audience of approximately 8 million.

The artworks of artist Harry van Gestel are collected globally and have been displayed in unusual settings, on floors and ceilings. This is what gave birth to the idea of bringing impressive contemporary artworks in the form of exclusive tapestries. 

Contemporary art and paintings are consumed in a very traditional manner. Artworks are framed on the wall and are enjoyed with a continuous space between the work and the viewer. With this series we bring the amazing works of art by Harry van Gestel to the collectors living space and present them from a new perspective. Made from the finest New Zealand wool, and hand tufted in India, our limited edition products are genuine collectors works of art. These tapestries are meant to be felt, experienced, lie on, live on and make love on.