Sofie Xie solo show at Art'otel and 5&33

In February 2015 we organised a beautiful retrospective solo show of Chinese artist Sofie Xie, in collaboration with internationally established author Lulu Wang at the amazing location of the Art'otel and 5&33 in Amsterdam.

5&33 and Vault17 are proud to present the exhibition of the works of Sofie Xie together with the book launch of “Forever in love” in the gallery space of Art’Otel. The show is a great opportunity to appreciate Chinese New Year and Book Week 2015.

Author Lulu Wang is known for her debut novel "Lely Theater" sold nearly a million times in the Netherlands.  In her new poetry book, called “Forever in love”, Lulu presents many artworks by Sofie alongside her poems.

Internationally established artist Sofie Xie was born in Wenzhou China and comes from an artistic family. Growing up in this artistic environment has enforced her interest in arts. In 1975, she was invited to join the first state owned art studio to work on traditional Chinese art crafts such as Wenzhounese coloured mud paintings and wood fresco paintings. She leaves China in 1999 to move to the Netherlands, which highly influences her art.

The recent work of Sofie Xie expresses her continuous longing for being at home between China and Europe. A constant desire for the Netherlands and eternally homesick for China, Sofie Xie lives the culture of her homeland, but her art is shaped by the life in the Netherlands.

Sofie Xie is mostly inspired by meditation, music, dance and from the hazy poems of Yang Lian. All that stimuli awakes her curiosity and touches the deepest places of her soul and her senses for colours. The techniques Sofie uses vary from brushes to fingers to kitchen towels and spoons, just anything “that is close to me”, as she says. 

Since her arrival in the Netherlands, Sofie has been inspired by the beauty of many things in her everyday environment. “And THAT is what I want to paint. I want to show the beauty I’ve seen in Holland, the precious feelings from my heart, how much I miss my home town” she says. Apart from that, Sofie wants to show her wish for world peace for all the species living on Earth.

Both Sofie and Lulu have a great appreciation for each other as an artist, with each their own medium. Love is in the center of their work and both thrive towards creating beauty through creation of art. The poems of Lulu are matched with an artwork of Sofie, expressing a related emotion. This results into an astonishing exhibition that is a must-see for lovers of art and the written word. The exhibition promises a getaway to Sofie’s world of beauty, harmony, peace and love. Come and see  artist’s expression of longing for home and pursuit of peace within oneself, matters familiar to most of us. 

The show is on from Tuesday 2nd of February until Sunday 15th of March. 

The reception is open daily. Private viewings can be booked by appointment.