Art for Nepal fundraiser

In collaboration with the Nepal Needs You Foundation and artist Harry van Gestel we have joined forces for a fundraising project where 100% of the funds have gone towards the victims of the April 2015 Earthquake victims in Nepal. We have been able to provide 400 families with food, medical and sanitary aid.

April 25,2015, an earthquake of 7.9 magnitude devastated Nepal's capital, Kathmandu and also nearby towns and villages. Thus far, it is reported that more than 6.000 people have died and thousands more injured. The damage to life and livelyhood is unmeasureable. To add to the misery, it is very common to be uninsured so imagine the plight of the people. A country not so resourceful could use every bit of helping hand to resurrect itself even partially, let alone completely. The already tattered infrastructure has been torn and brought down to the ground. The earthquake has ensured that people have no electricity, food, clothing, shelter, clean drinking water, medical aid, internet and telephone connectivity. Nepal so heavily reliant on tourism for its revenues, has suffered a massive setback. Most of its temples, UNESCO heritage sights and attractions are now have become heaps of ashes.

Desperate times require desperate measures. Help is pouring in from neighbouring countries and international relief agencies. However, any additional aid in terms of men, material and money should be helpful. Vault17 in cooperation with Harry van Gestel and our dear friend John Jesani would like to help the Nepalese whom are suffering. We shall put together some basic needs such as food supplies, clean drinking water, clothes, temporary shelter and emergency medication. Our dear friend John Jesani, born and raised Nepalese but based in Amsterdam, will go down to Nepal for a few weeks to ensure that the money that you have contributed shall be utilised to its fullest to aid the needy. We have many friends at the ground level giving us constant updates on the situation and what is the need of the hour. So please contribute if you can.

Should you have a burning desire to contribute, but not have the ability to donate, please help by sharing this with your friends and family. Lets spread the word and help those in need!

Please contact us regarding any questions.   -   +31(0)645622607