No titles for Harry van Gestel

July 14 2014, Amsterdam

Dutch artist Harry van Gestel opens his summer show with an impressive new body of works. From the gallery in the city centre of Amsterdam the artist featured 10 minimalistic abstract works along side a series of 40 very large canvasses. Harry van Gestel has always been known for his large works ranging from 2 to 6 meters wide and up to 3 meters high. Despite the large variety of his periods throughout his oeuvre, his works all have one thing in common; they are all untitled.

“No title can add anything ever to a real artwork that portrays emotion through pureness of soul and therefore only takes away all essential emotional value from the imagination of the spectator” so says Harry van Gestel.

Even though the works of Harry van Gestel have been exhibited around the globe, the artist’s works remain undiscovered treasures for some collectors. From the late 1970’s Van Gestel’s works have traveled with him from Taipei to Los Angeles. Due to the artist’s great variety of creations, art investors from all cultures have added his paintings to their collection.

Over the past decade his artworks have mainly been exhibited in Europe and Northern America. Now he is inspired to go back towards the east. “Harry and I are thankful to have met so many beautiful people from China over the past period that Harry has created a series inspired by them. We are planing to bring his works to China for a show and are actively speaking to a selection of galleries to collaborate with” says gallery director Thomas van de Meer.

With every work it is the intention of the artist to create a new surprising piece of art that communicates purely and is embedded in freedom. It is the challenge to release one self of all restrictions, and create a mirror image of the soul.

As Van Gestel explains: There is no concept of visual image for my works before I start. There is only a strong emotion that gives birth to the first colours on the canvas, and this becomes stronger and stronger as the artworks reaches completion. If the spectator is free to let the work confront them with their own pure emotions, then the work will communicate its most authentic visual experience”.

The Summer show by Harry van Gestel can be seen in the Harry van Gestel Gallery in Amsterdam until the end of August 2014, or online through

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