Sofie Xie

Sofie Xie

1953, Wenzhou, China

Sofie (Yuehua) Xie was born in Wenzhou, an city in the east of China. She comes from a very artistic family. Her grandfather was a sculptor and her father a traditional chinese artist, who has also often worked with the unique oiled clay art from Wenzhou.

Thanks to the influence her father and grandfather, at a very early age Sofie Xie started to become interested in art. And so she started learning from her father quite early on. 1975, when the Chinese government opened the first art gallery in Wenzhou, Sofie was selected as one of the few artists to work in the studio.

Sinds 1999 Sofie Xie lives in the area of Brabant, The Netherlands, where she finds all the silence and peace she needs to fully focus on her art. Her work can be recognized by the traditional Chinese women, which are displayed on the rice paper with Chinese ink, very poetically while still remaining crisp.

While the style of her art is very modern, the viewer can easily recognize the traditional Chinese background of the artist. The displays of the beautiful ancient figures takes the viewer back to an ancient time of poetry and dreams.