A small art gallery in the centre of Amsterdam is a heaven for big painting seekers

The Harry van Gestel Gallery

A small art gallery in the centre of Amsterdam is a heaven for big painting seekers

In the city centre of Amsterdam, behind the palace on Dam Square, in a small alley you can find the gallery of Dutch Artist Harry van Gestel. 

Critics and collectors alike have described a visit to this place as: “A mind altering experience” and “Something that will live with me forever”.

It is a place where collectors, architects and interior designers from around the globe travel to to get their hands on one of the latest giant paintings of the Dutch Master. They are colourful, energetic, and will definitely brighten you up.

“Although Harry creates his paintings in many different sizes, it is mainly his really large works that collectors come in search for.” Says Thomas van de Meer, Gallery director. “We have a large concentration of collectors and corporates from North America, UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Nordics since generally they have larger homes and office buildings to place the works.”

Harry van Gestel was born in a small village in the south of the Netherlands in 1953. Lived and worked internationally, has enjoyed an extensive cooperation with global auction house Sotheby’s, and throughout his career he left a trail of his work that reaches from Nagasaki Japan to Los Angeles USA. Now, Being in his 60’s, he resides back home in Amsterdam taking it a bit easier, solely focussing on the creative process.

On lucky days visitors can see the artist working on a new painting, since the artist’s studio is right in the gallery space. The Harry van Gestel studio/gallery remains one of the cities best kept secrets.