Selling Babies with Robin Leevel

"Selling Babies" with Robin Leevel

Featured interview with artist Robin Leevel

Who are you?
I am Robin, son of Gary and Jolanda and I go by the name Robin Leevel. 

What is your latest work about?
It is about Love, and spiritual enlightenment. But it is also about Sex and Self Expressionism. 

What is your main source of inspiration for your latest work or your art in general?
My work is all about a personal journey of spiritual enlightenment. As a photographer I work with Light and as a painter I work with Matter together they create my way of expressing. As a main source I get inspiration from the concepts about Time, Energy and Consciousness. These three concepts have formed a big inspiration for my work in the last few years. 

What are the accomplishments you are most proud of within your career?
To be honest I am most proud of the accomplishment to have found what I love to do in life, for me every step I make within my career is one to be proud of. I am proud of the fact that my work has helped me so much in my personal development as a conscious and awakened human being. My work has helped me a lot to understand life in general and that is something I am really grateful for. 

What projects did you think were the most fun you ever got to do?
Hard to choose actually, but I did a project in the UK once called ‘A place called Falmouth that became a place called Home’ and I really enjoyed this project because it was all about creating memories which led me to creating fun scenarios that really made my work flow more playful and open. But I also really enjoyed my latest project the Selling Babies series because it was also about showing a more playful and not so serious side to my work. 

What are you working on at the moment?
I always have several projects running to keep a variation in my work flow but at the moment I am mostly working on a set of paintings that is about recycling materials that people leave on the streets, I find it really interesting what I can make of someone else’s ditched materials. You never know what to expect to find and I never know what to expect to make of it. 

Where are you hoping to be in 5 years?
Still very present in this moment, but maybe somewhere abroad working on my (he)art. 

Whats your favourite ice cream flavour?
Homemade Nana ice cream with Blue Berries. You just chop some bananas, but them in the freezer. Take them out when frozen, then put them in the blender with some frozen Blue Berries and you just blend it nice and smooth. And it is dairy free baby. Even works as a perfect breakfast. 

Whats your favourite one liner?
Don’t worry be happy. 

Any guilty pleasures?

Whats your favourite word?

Whats your favourite sound?
Not really have one specific sound but I love the sound of birds singing and also the sound of rain falling down but only when I can stay in bed. 

What turns you on?
I guess good music really turns my mojo on. 

If you had to choose any other profession, what would it be?
I would choose to be a musician since I have to admit music was my first love, but please don’t tell my art. But to be fair I just don’t have the talent to create music, so I might as well go for being a cook since food is my biggest passion next to creating art. 


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