XXML by Marc Lagrange

Marc LaGrange is an Antwerp-based photographer, praised worldwide for his shootings of beautiful nude women. His models have an elusive charm and  penetrating eyes filmed under a soft light.

Since 1980s, Marc has been devoted to the art of photography and creating beauty. It was 2012 when XXML was published  -  a unique book which shows 20 years of his outstanding work. Each photograph is sensual, elegant and well composed. Marc is able to transform models into characters and take the viewer  to a luxurious, dreamy world. His work consists of beauty and eroticism with a touch of mystery. Seduction and lust are at the centre of Marc’s art.

The book is produced at the non-standard size of 50x70 cm in only 500 copies. One of them is exclusively available at Vault17. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Thomas van de MeerComment