Nan Qi's Dots

南溪大晕点 Large Halo Spot Na Qi 2013 ink on rice paper 125 x 125 cm Price on request

南溪大晕点 Large Halo Spot
Na Qi
ink on rice paper
125 x 125 cm
Price on request

Shui Mo is an ancient Chinese technique of controlling the flow of ink on paper, and Nan Qi is a genuine master of this ancient technique. Everything evolves from a single atom, and from a multiplication of that singularity everything else is produced. It is therefore that in each of the paintings he creates, this dot is the basis for Nan Qi. 

“I want to engage the audience, but in a different way. I want the viewer/collector to interpret it as they see it in my art.”

Nan Qi's work has received a boost of interest from collectors in both Asia and the West.

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About Nan Qi

196 - Born in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, China.
1986 - raduated from the Chinese painting Course at People’s Liberation Army Fine Arts Academy, Beijing.
urrently ives and works in Songzhuang Art District, Beijing.
ull-time artist and member of the Chinese Artists’ Association.

Solo Exhibitions
2011 - “Digital Ink Images: Art by Nan Qi” , Shanghai Art Museum, Shangha
“Eerie 3-D: 3-D Ink Fine Art by Nan Qi”, G-Dot Art Space, Songzhuang, Beijin
2006 - “Ink and Sex Series: Works by Nan Qi”, Yisulang Gallery, Singapor
1998 - “Landscape and Seascape: Nan Qi Ink Painting Exhibition”, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kon
1997 - “Ink Paintings by Nan Qi”, Xianggena Gallery, Shangha
1989 - “Landscape Paintings by Nan Qi”, National Museum of Art (Confucius Temple), Beijing

Large range of group-exhibitions globally between 1990 and 2013

2003 - “The 2nd Golden Award Exhibition of Chinese Art” Excellence Award, Chinese Federation of Literature, anhuang Art Museum, Beijin
2002 - “European International Fine Arts Exchange” Contribution Award, Rotterdam, Netherland
2000 - “Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau 2000 Art Exhibition” Best Work Award, City University, Hong Kon
1999 - “The 9th Chinese National Art Exhibition” Excellence Award, National Museum of Art, Beijin
1996 - “19th Japanese International Art Exhibition” Special Association Award, Ginza Art Museum, Tokyo, Japa98“Great Wall Exhibition” Second Prize, National Museum of Art, Beijin
1987 - “Celebratory Exhibition for the 60th Anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army” Excellence Award, National useum of Art, Beijing