Art Battle presentation at B. Amsterdam


November last year we were honoured to be invited by B. Amsterdam to present the Art Battle video. After making their way through 5 floors of only concrete, which are all soon to be changed into beautiful office spaces and creative facilities, the guests arrived at the the presentation area. Here everyone was welcomed by one of the hostesses with a cold beverage, after which they could enjoy the marvellous view while enjoying fresh pork roast, also supplied by B.

B. Amsterdam is a creative hub that will open their doors later this year. B. enables and facilitates businesses on all essential parts by giving access to spaces, the right tool set and a social network. In short, the place to be for all entrepreneurs.

The Art battle video was the launch of a concept Vault17 pioneered that we like to call “art battling”. In an art battle we bring together two or more artists from completely different art disciplines (street art, calligraphy  abstract, action painting etc.) and let them work with each other and perhaps better said against each other on the same canvas. There are no sketches or no game-plan before the start. There are no winners either. The battle is to use the clash of energies of both artists, in which they push each other to a higher state of artistic creativity. 

We would like to thank B. and its founders Ricardo van Loenen and Guus Meulendijks for the opportunity to present the art battle video on their pre-launch event.

We are proud to be able to be part of the B. Ambassadors team, and so all B. Members will be able to enjoy the art of Vault17 while working at B. in the near future.

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