Michael van Emde Boas

1969 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Unpredictable Perfection

Michael van Emde Boas is a Dutch photography artist who currently lives and works in Amsterdam. 

His work is characterised by his fascination for movement: by capturing the movement of the moment new visual interpretations are created and the UNPREDICTABLE gets revealed. 

Michael’s work always starts with a spontaneous idea followed by a well prepared, sophisticated work environment and consists of an inseparable relationship between elements, motion, momentum and himself. He has the skills to turn ordinary items - which we all know in our daily life - into reflections of beauty and fragility. 

Due to the unpredictability of his work all predefined proportions and recognisability seem lost. Michael has no idea on the end results other than surrealistic perspectives of reality and that makes it a real challenge for him to continue. In an effort to expand his canvas he is facing new ideas, themes, elements and object’s that brings his project each time to a next level.

Images are captured ‘as they are’, with no or limited post-editing. This encourages viewers to have their own interpretations instead of staying stuck in the ‘how’ or ‘what’. 

Michael is in an ongoing effort, expanding boundaries in this work field; bigger sets, other stuff, new approaches.. This, combined with great quality concepts, techniques and materials, creates intense new visual art works and addresses a broader audience, including great A-brands. 

After his study at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Michael has now for more than 20 years been active in the commercial photography. As renown photographer he worked for many brands, companies, newspapers, magazines and private assignments. About ten years ago he started making Exclusive Fine Art for galleries such as de KunstFabriek, corporations and Private collectors. His creative free work is also represented by Gallery Stock in New York.

Contemporary Cosmos Series