Max Zorn, photo by Ezebee magazine

Max Zorn, photo by Ezebee magazine

Max Zorn

1982 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Born in the Netherlands in 1982 Max Zorn made himself a name as a street artist working on various projects in Amsterdam and cities around the world. By using layers of translucent brown packing tapes on Plexiglas panels, Zorn creates stunning portraits of romantic and strong characters which he installs on street lamps on public places. Once the lights are turned on, it creates a very graphic picture that appears luminescent.

Next to his street art projects Max Zorn creates a number of larger tapes for various exhibitions and charity balls such as the Hong Kong Art Fair (2012), Artstage Singapore (2013), Arte Monaco (2013) “Live Ball” (Vienna/Austria), Dortmunder U (Dortmund/Germany), Gala of Nations (Genevé/Switzerland) and many more. 

All artworks are created only with brown packing tape on acrylic glass.

Some of the artworks come in series using the same or a similar motif. 

Zorn´s artworks tell about glamorous days, yet they reveal an indefinite fragility behind the glamour. His settings range between shimmering skyscrapers and shady bars, his characters between decadence and disillusion. That way he draws a line to our time which comes up with promises of endless growth and opulence, yet ignoring the lurking menace in the shadow.

With his unmistakable way to compose almost cinematic settings Max Zorn pulls the spectator right into his motifs and encourages him to continue his story. By creating a timeless context overlaid by a nostalgic patina he provides an expressive but at the same time fading dream of golden times.