Marcos Alvarez

1984 - Seville, Spain

Álvarez is a young multi-disciplinary creative artist. He works as both as a graphic, as well as interior-designer, photographer, painter. Additionally, he works writes and performs experimental music.

Born into an artistic family,and surrounded with creative stimuli he developed both sensitivity and respect for, and attraction to this broad and contradictory world.

Marcos studied graphic and interior design in Seville, Barcelona and Rome. His first attempts at art, (discounting comics) were the making of a miniature stage designs and populating them with lead soldiers.

At the age of 13, he changed direction, completely seduced by the worlds of graffiti and and the “Free Art” Movements. During this time working “on the street” he also became aware of and was influenced by direct stylistic influences from old German and Russian design. Continually impressed by the new stimuli, he made the transition from traditional Typographical Graffiti to Street Art, bestowing his work with Suprematist an Minimalistic touches.

Now residing between Amsterdam and Berlin, he is completely surrounded, attracted and stimulated by pictorial abstraction using texture and color.