jarr geerligs

Jarr Geerligs

Artist Jarr Geerligs creates conceptual social commentary art. He uses his knowledge of communication and design to create art pieces that react on consumerism, religion, politics and other facets of modern society. He has been making art since his teens. Writing future forecast bites on walls like DesignerSkin, BioHacker and ChaosReader. And more recently creating urban interventions like floating trash bags besides the filled trash on the streets and balloon filled posters. Vault17 exhibits some of the social commentary art pieces of Jarr Geerligs.

In Love with Violence is about our preoccupation with violence as a species while on the other hand we seem to be in love with peace. 

The Palestinian-Israeli Agreement is vision of hope that there will be a reconciliation of the dispute between the two countries. They seem to be cut up in a retaliation loop for some time now.  

May War R.I.P. is about the idea to burry war forever. Could this be possible. Creation almost always goes hand in hand with destruction.

Snack Barbie is about the realness of what we get to eat. Are we being toyed with by food manufacturers? How plastic is our food nowadays? Is it made in Taiwan?

Awards & Honors:
Bronze Esprix 2012: Chocoladel&tter Fair Trade Original
ADCN Nomination 2012: Chocoladel&tter Fair Trade Original
Core77 Design Award Runner Up 2012: postersinamsterdam.com
Webby Awards Honoree 2012: postersinamsterdam.com
One Show Nominee 2012: postersinamsterdam.com
Esprix Grand Prix 2011& 2 Gold IMCC EU Awards: Bavaria DutchDress
Bronze Promo & Activation Lion 2011: Bavaria DutchDress
Shortlist PR Lions 2011: Bavaria DutchDress
ADCN Gold 2011: Bavaria DutchDress
ADCN Silver Bekroning 2011: Bavaria DutchDress
ADCN Nomination 2011: LeasePlanBank Introduction
ADCN Nomination 2011: Bijenkorf Maffe Marathon
SAN Accent 2010: Bavaria DutchDress
Golden ESPRIX 2010: Bavaria DutchDress
EFFIE Nomination 2010: LeasePlanBank Introduction
Eurobest film shortlist 2010: Bavaria 'The Drop'
2 x ADCN Nomination 2010: Bavaria 'The Drop'
Finalist Golden Loekie Award 2009 : Bavaria 'The Drop'
Bronze Lion 2008: Volkswagen Drive In
ADCN Silver 2008: Volkswagen Drive In