francesco messina

Francesco Messina

Born in Catania, Sicily in 1979. After finishing his studies, he worked as a professional restorer of artworks for over ten years. The constant need and passion for creating art drove him to move to Milan to pursue his own career as an artist. Since 2007 Messina has enjoyed multiple group and solo exhibitions throughout Italy. This is his first solo exhibition in The Netherlands, and we are proud to present his beautiful new series of graphical works.

"My work is a response to reality of the everyday chaos that creates the world. Every day, through the news media, I absorb a substantial dose of news causing me various splits of mind and streams of consciousness. In one day we remain passive to death, sex, politics and violence. This deconstructs my subjects, breaks them, placing into a lake of thoughts that have no order, where I have the task of finding a balance. I have been fascinated by the philosophy of deconstructionism of Derrida, which can bind current and past, life and death, peace and war; so in my work I try to tie pop culture and old fashion way, through transformation, metamorphosis. There lies a frantic search for stability 'cause today everything seeks a balance, it's mental, physical, or mechanical. In the end I feel that my job is ready when all the weights form a harmony of colours, such as a chemical formula, but chromatic. "