Bo Bosk

Bo Bosk

1992 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After spending two years in high school, he discovered his love for art and applied for the Amsterdam Media College. This is where he decided that from now on he wanted to dedicate his career to creating his art.

From a very early age he enjoyed drawing, and from 2003 till 2009 he focussed mainly on Graffiti art, spending much time on the streets of Amsterdam leaving his marks in the street-art scene.

The themes and styles of his work vary from time to time, and range from comic figures, to celebrities, or personal relations. “The subjects of my art come to me quite spontaneously, and i can loose myself in them being completely focussed on this one theme or subject for a certain period of time”.

Bosk creates an exciting mix between street-art and pop-art. 2014 has given a drastic boost to his development as an artists, as well as the exposure and appreciation of his art by many.