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- 100% New Zealand Wool -
- Hand made in India -
- Limited edition series -
- Including certificate of authenticity -

Limited edition and prices
D001 small    -    100 x 200 cm (39x78 inch)   -     edition of 20    -    EUR 1499,-
D001 medium   -   150 x 300 cm (59x118 inch)   -     edition of 15    -    EUR 2499,-
D001 large   -    200 x 400 cm (78x157 inch)   -     edition of 5    -    EUR 3499,-

Unique design by artist Harry van Gestel

About D001.

To walk and lie on a real artpiece

The artist Harry van Gestel is mostly known for his large sized abstract expressionistic paintings. Now, together with Vault17, he has taken a step towards another artistic industry, the interior design market, by launching a series of exclusive art carpets.

The 63 year old Dutch artist has been known to show his paintings in unique ways. Most often his studio gallery in Amsterdam has his 2 x 3 meter large canvasses hanging on the ceiling or laying on the floor. Some collectors even come to the artist’s studio to specifically choose a work for their ceiling, the artist states. With this new series the artist presents his work from another perspective by using his painting designs and exhibiting them in the form of a high end tapestry.

After asking the artist about his inspiration behind this project, Harry van Gestel states: “There is an inevitable distance between a painting and its beholder. By turning my compositions in to a tapestry you are able to feel the artwork, lie on it, live on it, and make love on it. This gives people a completely new way to experience my work”.

The art carpets are hand tufted in India and made from high quality New Zealand wool. “We wanted to make the carpets from an impeccable quality, which can only be done by the very best in their profession. The creators of these carpets are undoubtedly artists themselves, and so in a way the Harry van Gestel carpets are a collaboration piece between Harry and the artists in India” gallery director Thomas van de Meer says.

The tapestries come in three sizes, and are made available in a limited edition with only a small number available per size. Some new owners might be reluctant to walk on one of their carpets and might prefer to place it on their wall. The owners will have a true art piece in their collection, as the carpets come including an certificate of authenticity.

It also looks like collectors will have to wait some time before they receive their tapestry. To produce one art carpet takes about 10 weeks. This includes the import of the wool from New Zealand, dying the wool according to the artist’s approved colours, the hand- tufting process, washing, cutting and sun drying. Collectors can expect to receive their artworks within approximately 8 weeks time from the moment they have made their order.

(This art product is produced with fair wages and conditions).

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